Introduction to sequence alignment tools -Video tutorial watch online

Introduction to sequence alignment tools -Video tutorial

Dr. Candice Hansey, Michigan State University, provides an overview of NCBI, including how to obtain sequence and use BLAST. In addition, Dr. Hansey provides demonstrations using Exonerate, MUMmer, FASTX-Toolkit, and the Tuxedo suite (including Botwtie and TopHat).
The contents of webinar:
Naviagating NCBI to obtain sequences
Using BLAST for sequence alignment
Using other programs for specialized sequence alignment (Exonerate for EST and cDNA alignment)
MUMmer - whole genome alignment, NUCmer - alignment of contigs or a genome, PROmer- designed for alignment of species too divergent for DNA alignment using six-frame translation
vmatch-short sequence alignment - Probes, primers and SNPs
Next genertaion sequence alignment programs(Tuxedo suite-Bowtie, Tophat, cufflinks)


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