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I am Suresh Kumar Sampathrajan. I have completed my PhD degree in bioinformatics from the University of Vienna, Austria in the year 2010. If you want to know more about me and my research,please click the menus at the top.

I have started this bioinformatics blog mainly for undegraduate and postgraduate students of bioinformatics. This blog will serve as an open resource material for the students and for those who wish to know about bionformatics. This blog contains video tutorials, tips, bioinformatics software downloads, articles on bioinformatics and career opportunities.

Introduction to Multiple sequence alignment

Introduction to Multiple sequence alignment

A multiple sequence alignment (MSA) is a sequence alignment of three or more biological sequences, generally protein, DNA, or RNA. In many cases, the input set of query sequences are assumed to have an evolutionary relationship by which they share a lineage and are descended from a common ancestor. From the resulting MSA, sequence homology can be inferred and phylogenetic analysis can be conducted to assess the sequences' shared evolutionary origins.

Python Programming-Video Tutorials for Bioinformatics-Watch Online

Python Programming-Video Tutorials for Bioinformatics-Watch Online for free
pythontutorialsPython is a general-purpose high-level programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability.Python's core syntax and semantics are minimalistic, while the standard library is large and comprehensive. Its use of indentation as block delimiters is unusual among popular programming languages.

Structural Bioinformatics: Shortcuts and Pitfalls-Video Lecture

Structural Bioinformatics: Shortcuts and Pitfalls
3rd ISCB Student Council Symposium 2007 (SCS3) held during ISMB/ECCB 2007, Vienna. Keynote - "Structural Bioinformatics: Shortcuts and Pitfalls" by Anna Tramontano, Professor of Biocomputing, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy

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