Personal Genome Computing: Breakthroughs, Risks and Opportunities-Video

Personal Genome Computing: Breakthroughs, Risks and Opportunities-Video

"Technology breakthroughs are making DNA sequencing faster and cheaper than ever. In its top ten list of 2008 scientific breakthroughs that broke through with the potential for lasting impact, Science magazine included technology that has blown the doors off genome sequencing. In Nature magazines list of the top news stories of 2008, "Personal genomics goes mainstream" came in second. With the cost of DNA sequencing plummeting, the emergence of "molecular sequencing" platforms has forever changed the field of genetics.

A new paradigm appears on the horizon. Personal genome information will be used not just for health maintenance, disease diagnosis, and treatment, but will also be the foundation for lifestyle applications from shopping for food, to buying cosmetics, to assessing ones environment and making choices about fabrics, places - even friends.

The panel of Silicon Valley players and innovators of new business models examines the dynamic business and investment opportunities as well as the risks, global competition, regulatory and legal challenges, new individual contributor roles, and leading alliances emerging from Silicon Valley and beyond.


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