Machine Learning for Bioinformatics-Video Lecture-Watch Online

Hidden Connections: Learning from data
General Introductory video lecture how to use machine learning methods for vast amount of data created.
One of the most intractable problems facing us all is how to understand the vast quantities of data that surround us. As we measure more and faster, as we create more digital content, as we search ever broader fields, we have a greater need for help in finding useful information from data.

In his inaugural lecture, Professor Professor Ian Nabney from Aston's school of Engineering & Applied Science, discusses how machine learning - the computer-based extraction of underlying models - can be used to uncover the hidden meanings of data and provide users with the information they need in a form that they can use.

These ideas will be illustrated with applications in many domains, including biomedical engineering, bioinformatics and pharmaceutical discovery, and meteorology.


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