Introduction to Rasmol- Free video tutorial

Introduction to Rasmol
by Dr Robert Sbaglia

RasMol is a molecular graphics program intended for the visualisation of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules. The program is aimed at display, teaching and generation of publication quality images.RasMol reads in molecular co-ordinate files in a number of formats and interactively displays the molecule on the screen in a variety of colour schemes and representations.

In this tutorial Dr Robert Sbaglia teaches use of Rasmol to display and manipulate amino acids, peptides and proteins, examining structures of drug-protein complexes, and the investigation of interactions between the drugs and proteins.

-Download full tutorial booklet (right click & save as)

-The PDB files that are used in the workshop can be found in this zip file (right click & save as)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 v2.0


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