Computational Molecular Biology - Free Video Course

Computational Molecular Biology - Free Video Course
Douglas L. Brutlag
Professor of Biochemistry & Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine

Computational Molecular Biology is a practical, hands-on approach to the field of computational molecular biology. The course is recommended for both molecular biologists and computer scientists desiring to understand the major issues concerning representation and analysis of genomes, sequences and proteins. Various existing methods will be critically described and the strengths and limitations of each will be discussed. There will be practical assignments utilizing the tools described.

1.Require Quick time Installed in your computer
2.Requires Broadband internet

Video Lectures List

  • Genomics & Bioinformatics -Video

  • Bibliographic and Full Text Journal Access-Video

  • Genome Databases-Video

  • Molecular Biology Databases on the Web-Video

  • Pattern Matching with Consensus Sequences-Video

  • Quantitative & Probabilistic Pattern Matching-Video

  • Sequence Alignment-Video

  • Rapid Sequence Similarity Search-Video

  • Near-Optimal Sequence Alignments-Video

  • Multiple Sequence Alignment-Video

  • Distance Based Phylogenies-Video

  • Sequence Blocks & Profiles-Video

  • Protein Sequence Motifs-Video

  • Protein Structural Motifs-Video

  • Clustering and Functional Analysis of Coordinately Regulated Genes-Video

  • Discovering Transcriptional Regulatory Signals-Video

  • Ultraconservation in the Human Genome-Video

  • Pathway Bioinformatics-Video



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