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I am Suresh Kumar Sampathrajan. I have completed my PhD degree in bioinformatics from the University of Vienna, Austria in the year 2010. If you want to know more about me and my research,please click the menus at the top.

I have started this bioinformatics blog mainly for undegraduate and postgraduate students of bioinformatics. This blog will serve as an open resource material for the students and for those who wish to know about bionformatics. This blog contains video tutorials, tips, bioinformatics software downloads, articles on bioinformatics and career opportunities.

Introduction to Amino Acids - Video Lecture - Watch Online for Free

Part 1

Part 2

Introduction to Protein structure - Video Lecture -Watch Online for Free

Biochemistry: Nucleic Acids ,RNA & Protiens -Video Lecture -Watch Online for Free

Biochemistry: Molecules and Shapes -Video Lecture-Watch Online for free

Biology as a Science - Video Lecture - Watch Online for Free

Bioinformatics servers down - Get notified via email

You may come across several bioinformatics servers often go for essential maintenance or frequent updates.If you would like to notify when the server up or down, there are several useful web service like Ding its' up'.As the name suggest,it tells when your favorite website is up.

You can just paste your url of the specific website and your email address, you will be get notified when the website is up or down.

Pubmedfight - Compare author publication competitiveness

We know about Googlefight is a website that allows users to compare the number of search results by the google search engine for two given queries.People often use this for entertainment or for measuring of competitiveness.

What about a similar tool in a science? Here is a Pubmedfight, a French tool, with which you can compare authors by their number of publication in Pubmed.

Bimatics forum


BIMATICS - Bioinformatics Open Student Society is a non-profit interest group mainly for students who are interested and/or working in the bioinformatics/computational biology field for exchanging information, sharing ideas and knowledge, discussing opportunities.

BIMATICS is for the students to discuss the applications and implications of bioinformatic in new era of Science.

MOTTO: To bring awareness in recent trends in bioinformatics, to improve the working knowledge of Students and to help the aspiring students who want to make a career in Bioinformatics.

GROUP FOUNDER & CREATOR: SURESH KUMAR, PhD student (BIOINFORMATICS), University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

website address:

BIMATICS- Bioinformatics Open Student Society - MEMBERSHIP

a) BIMATICS membership is open to a student interested in Bioinformatics. You might be a student at any level. You should be willing to volunteer in the activities of BIMATICS when required.

b) Researchers and Scientists working on Bioinformatics/Computational Biology related problems or those are wanting to implement bioinformatics methodologies to compliment their current research and share with students in this group.

Membership: Membership is free.

Join BIMATICS: Click here to join-BIMATICS

Subscribe to BIMATICS-Bioinformatics Open Student Society

Suresh Kumar - Bioinformatician and Blogger at Bimatics

Suresh Kumar is a Bioinformatician & a blogger, presently pursuing PhD. in Bioinformatics at Univesity of Vienna.He holds a Undergradute degree in agricultural science and Masters degree in bioinformatics.When he was in Master degree he started bioinformaticsweb website which is recognised as top education resource.He is also started bioinformatics forum called bimatics group which is one of biggest group in bioinformatics for sharing & exchanging ideas in bioinformatics.

Bimatics blog is one of few bioinformatics blog in internet which covers topics in bioinformatics which servers as tech guide for students.

Bioinformatics scholarships

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Bioinformatics conferences

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Computer video tutorials

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Biology video lectures

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Introduction to Biology

Computer tutorials for biologist - Bioinformatics background studies

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Biology tutorials for Non-Biologist - Bioinformatics background studies

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Bioinformatics tutorials for everyone

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Genomic Revolution - Video Lecture

About this talk
Scientific discoveries, futurist Juan Enriquez notes, demand a shift in code, and our ability to thrive depends on our mastery of that code. Here, he applies this notion to the field of genomics.

About Speaker
Juan Enriquez is an authority on the economic and political impact of science. In his 2001 best-seller As the Future Catches You, he examines the profound changes that genomics and other life.

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