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What is Linux,Why Use Linux,Different Linux Versions,Choosing a Version,Mepis 6 System Requirements,Getting FTP software,Downloading Linux by FTP,Verifying MD5SUM,Getting Burning Software,Burning Your Linux CD,Running Linux LIVE CD,Repartitioning the Hard Drive,Installing Mepis Linux,The Grub Menu .
Running Windows,Running Linux,Setting Up Email,Set Up Instant Messenger,Using a Flash Drive,Using OpenOffice,Playing CDs,Single vs Double Clicking,Burner Software,Files and Folders,Linux Directory Structure,Config Files,Capture Screen Images,Changing the Desktop Look,Exploring Software,Install using Synaptic,Install a deb Package,Removing a Package,Mepislovers Forum,Mepis WIKI,Man Pages (or Manual),Install App + Menu Editor,Create Desktop Shortcuts,Kicker Panel,Sample Desktop Tweaking,Shut Down

Series of videos that walk you through what Linux is, how to get it, try it out in Live CD mode, install it as a dual-boot operating system with Windows, and how to use it, including how to set up the most common applications such as email and instant messaging.

The benefit of this demonstration video is that it is a real world recording that takes you through all the steps, so you can later follow along to try out Linux yourself as a Live CD. If you decide you want to install Linux as a dual-boot operating system with Windows, (meaning when your computer starts, you are presented with a menu choice to run Linux or Windows) you are shown how to install Linux.

Linux was installed for free using the steps performed in this video. Linux is all about choice, and the best way to decide if Linux is right for you, is to try it out.


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