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BIMATICS - Bioinformatics Open Student Society is a non-profit interest group mainly for students who are interested and/or working in the bioinformatics/computational biology field for exchanging information, sharing ideas and knowledge, discussing opportunities.

BIMATICS is for the students to discuss the applications and implications of bioinformatic in new era of Science.

MOTTO: To bring awareness in recent trends in bioinformatics, to improve the working knowledge of Students and to help the aspiring students who want to make a career in Bioinformatics.

GROUP FOUNDER & CREATOR: SURESH KUMAR, PhD student (BIOINFORMATICS), University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

website address:

BIMATICS- Bioinformatics Open Student Society - MEMBERSHIP

a) BIMATICS membership is open to a student interested in Bioinformatics. You might be a student at any level. You should be willing to volunteer in the activities of BIMATICS when required.

b) Researchers and Scientists working on Bioinformatics/Computational Biology related problems or those are wanting to implement bioinformatics methodologies to compliment their current research and share with students in this group.

Membership: Membership is free.

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