Sequence Manipulation Suite for sequence analysis

The Sequence Manipulation Suite (SMS) is a collection of JavaScript programs for generating, formatting, and analyzing short DNA and protein sequences.
The SMS is divided into different sections like
1.Format conversion - For combining and coverting from one format to another format
2.sequence analysis - It has range of programmes for analysing the sequences by pairwise alignment, translating, finding patterns etc
3.Sequence Figures - This section has programmes like grouping the protein, colouring the sequences etc
4.Random sequences - It contains programmes like mutating the sequences, shfulling etc
5.Miscallaneous - It contains references of IUPAC codes, genetic codes.

It can be mirrored on your website or it can be run locally on your computer.

  • To mirror the Sequence Manipulation Suite: Extract or sms2.tar.gz and place the resulting sms2 directory into a directory from which your server will serve HTML files.
  • To run the Sequence Manipulation Suite locally: Extract or sms2.tar.gz and load index.html from the resulting sms2 directory into your web browser.


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