Drug-Target Database for Drug-Discovery

The BindingDB is a public, web-accessible database of measured binding affinities of small, drug-like molecules for proteins known to be drug-targets. BindingDB supports the discovery of new medications by enhancing the availability and utility of these critical data.

BindingDB database currently containing 20 000 experimentally determined binding affinities of protein–ligand complexes, for 110 protein targets including isoforms and mutational variants, and 11 000 small molecule ligands.

The BindingDB website provides an increasingly rich set of tools for query, analysis and download of binding data. Search capabilities include queries by target name; ligand name; affinity range; chemical structure, substructure and similarity; and target sequence, via BLAST

The website also provides web-accessible tools for virtual screening of candidate ligands;The user provides a training set of ligands active against a given target or class of targets, either by using queries to form a BindingDB data set,or user can also upload files of molecules not in the database to compare them to inhibitors of a particular enzyme.

Go to http://www.bindingdb.org


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