Specialized Immunology databases

Immunology databases provide more detailed information on immunologically relevant molecules, systems and processes. They are typically annotated by experts and contain immunology-specific annotations.

Kabat database (kabatdatabase.com) contains entries of proteins of immunological interest: Ig, T cell receptors (TCR), major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules and other immunological proteins.
Now not supported through website freely. It is available for purchase for $2250 US

The IMGT databases (imgt.cines.fr) contain highquality annotations of DNA and protein sequences of Ig, TCR and MHC. They also contain IMGT-related genomic and structural data.

The FIMM database (sdmc.lit.org.sg/fimm) focuses on protein antigens, MHC molecules and structures, MHC-associated peptides and relevant disease associations.

The SYFPEITHI database (syfpeithi.bmi-heidelberg.com) contains entries of MHC ligands and peptide motifs.

The HIV molecular immunology database (http://www.hiv.lanl.gov/content/immunology/index.html) is an annotated searchable repository of HIV1 T cell and B cell epitopes.


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