A database of incorrect Protein conformations

Decoys ‘R’Us database contains a wide variety of decoys generated by different methods with the aim of fooling scoring functions. Decoys are computergenerated conformations of protein sequences that possess some characteristics of native proteins, but are not biologically real.

Decoys have been based on discrete-state models, molecular dynamics trajectories, crystal structures of different resolutions ,conformations with different loops, and amino acid sequences mounted on radically different folds.

In other words, this database provide incorrect conformations data in order to improve the protein structure prediciton.

Organisation of decoy sets

1.The multiple decoy sets
2.The single decoy sets
3.The loop decoy sets

The current version of the entire decoy set is only available as a single tar and gzipped file to download.

Go to Decoys 'R' Us database


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