Build Protein Model from your sequence in a easy way

If your protein sequence shows significant homology to another protein of known three-dimensional structure, then a fairly accurate model of your protein 3D structure can be obtained via homology modelling.

The easiest way to homology modelling automatically through Swiss Model Server-First approach method.SWISS-MODEL is a fully automated protein structure homology-modeling server.

1.Fill your details with your email address (the homology model of PDB file will be email to you).Your name, and title to identify your model.

2.Paste you protein sequence in space provided.Sequences can be provided in either RAW, SWISS-PROT, FASTA or GCG format.

3.Click Send request

1.It is possible to send in a protein sequence only.
2.Recommended- Only to use if the degree of sequence homology is high (50% or greater) between your query sequence and target sequences to get good model. This can be identified by similarity searching between your query sequence against PDB database using BLAST tool.
3.Carefully read the header section of the files to know what templates and alignments were used during the model building process.

Go to Swiss-Model Server


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